Refresher Course in Auditory-Verbal Therapy Instructional Portion LIVE STREAMING ONLY (May 6, 7, 8, 2020)

Updates in research, hearing science, hearing technology and what we know about family centred care/intervention has changed the landscape of Auditory-Verbal Practice. Learn what Auditory-Verbal Practice looks like today in this three-day workshop.

$575.00 PER COURSE


ASHA/2.4, Professional, Intermediate; AGBell/24, Domains 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, & 7

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24 hrs

A pass rate of 0% will be required during the online test/quiz to earn continuing credit.

Course Description
Auditory-Verbal Practice (AVP) has evolved significantly as a result of the wealth of information the profession gained from the research and clinical best-practices of the past decade. This three-day workshop will provide an in-depth review of these changes and what they look like in the clinic or the families' home today.

NOTE: The course is $575.00 US Dollars which is approximately $767.00 CDN Dollars depending on exchange rate.

We now know more about the auditory processing capabilities of children with hearing loss who have accessed hearing technology during the first six months of life and what we need to do specifically to to develop binaural processing skills (the auditory skills needed for overhearing and listening on the playing for social language learning). We also know more about the role of parent responsiveness and conversations that power listening and spoken language learning. Adverse childhood events have the power to serve as barriers to listening and langauge development, so we must take action to better support parents and children to build resilience. Promotion of Theory of Mind development, bilingualism, and positive self-percept begins during infancy and such knowledge guides the way we coach and support parents. 

In this three-day workshop, Karen MacIver-Lux and Dave Sindrey will present the research, the science and the practical of helping children with hearing loss learn to listen and talk during the meaningful interactions that take place daily using the Auditory-Verbal Therapy Approach. This course is not only great for those who are experienced practitioners but also those practitioners who are preparing for the LSLS Certification in AVT/AVED exam. Mock AVT sessions will be conducted, and participants will have the opportunity to osbserve, participate in and even direct a live AVT session. This is a course that's not to be missed.

The Refresher Course for Auditory-Verbal Therapy (AVT) consists of three parts:

1. Refresher Course for AVT: Instructional Portion will take place in Toronto, Ontario, Canada over a three-day period. During this time, the learner will be engaged in  approximately 24 hours of course instruction, therapy analysis, therapy and demonstration/observation. 

2. Refresher Course for Auditory-Verbal Therapy (AVT): Mentoring Portion Via Teleconference  where the  learner will  be given the opportunity to participate in 3 1-day teleconferences which are held four months apart  throughout the year following the instructional portion of the course (December, 2019; April 2020; and August 2020). During these mentoring teleconferences, participants will be required to show 10-minute video clips of their AVT sessions; and analysis and group discussion will follow. Each tele-conferences will be 7 hours in length. This portion (3) of the course will be need to be purchased separately.

3. An Online Exam for Auditory-Verbal Therapy Refresher Course consists of 50 questions that are designed to assess the learner's achievement level of learner outcomes and comfort with Auditory-Verbal Practice. The online exam will also give the learner an opportunity to practice and prepare for LSLS Certification exam that's provided by AGBell. Successful completion of the exam (80%) is mandatory to be eligible for 24 hours of CEUs from ASHA, AAA, and AGBell. The learner will have three attempts to pass the online exam. Study and exam support will be provided throughout the three-day workshop.

If the participant participates in all aspects of the course, the participant will have the opportunity to gain about 45 hours of CEU hours that can be sought from ASHA, AGBell and AAA.


What's the fee Schedule for the Refresher Course in AVT ?

1. Instructional Portion of Refresher Course in AVT (in Toronto)= $575.00 USD

2. Mentoring Portion of Refresher Course in AVT= 75.00 USD per Mentoring Teleconference

3. Online Exam For Refresher Course in Auditory-Verbal Practice (NOT the LSLS Certification Exam offered by AGBell Academy of Listening and Spoken Language


I live outside of Toronto, and don't think I can travel to do the course in person. Can I still participate?

Yes, you can still register and participate for this course. Although face-to-face training offers unique benefits of networking opportunities and continued discussions during breaks and lunch, we are offering live streaming of the course. Live streaming will be captioned and there will be a dedicated support person available at all times.  

What is your refund policy?

No refunds will be offered once the participant begins the course. Partial refunds (minus $75.00 administration fee) for the Sound Academy Training Programs:Refresher Course in AVT: Instructional Portion  will be offered if the participant cancels registration 15 days prior to start of course.

Who are the course instructors?

A number of course instructors will be presenting on their area of expertise in the field of adult rehabilitation. The primary course instructors, however, are Karen MacIver-Lux and Dave Sindrey.

Primary Course Instructors' Biographies

Karen MacIver-Lux, MA, Aud(C), Reg. CASLPO, LSLS Cert. AVT, is the President and CE Administrator of SoundIntuition. She oversees the development of online courses, learning experiences, and products for professionals and families who dedicate their lives to helping individuals with communication disorders reach their highest listening and communication potential. Karen has held the position of Lecturer in the School of Human Communication Disorders and has lectured at numerous universities across Canada and United States. Karen is also the Director of MacIver-Lux Auditory Learning Services and provides auditory learning services for individuals with hearing loss of all ages and their families. From 1997-2007, Karen worked as an auditory-verbal therapist and coordinator of clinical services at the Learning to Listen Foundation (LTLF), North York General Hospital in Toronto.  In addition, she worked as a clinical audiologist for several years.  She also served as a director of the board of Auditory-Verbal International, Inc.

Dave Sindrey, MClSc., Reg. CASLPO, LSLS. Cert. AVT is a was trained in Canada as a speech-language pathologist and just recently received his degree as an audiologist. He is the creator of the Listening Room which provides hundreds of free activities to parents and professionals working with children who have hearing loss (  Dave Sindrey is also the creator of many beloved materials for children with hearing loss, including Listening Games for Littles and the Cochlear Implant Auditory Training Guide. Dave is known for inventive and effective games that work on speech, listening and language, and his lighthearted illustrations are loved by both parents and children around the world. Mr. Sindrey developed The Listening Room ( , which is a free website resource for children with hearing loss, based upon the ideas presented in the nine programs he has developed to date.

Refund Policy for Online Courses
Purchase of any SoundIntuition product (Quick Courses, Read ‘n’ Play Listen ‘n’ Talk, Observation Opportunities, Theory in Motion and Communication Change Documentaries) grants you immediate access to the course and therefore we cannot offer a refund once a user has started a course, unless the course is cancelled by SoundIntuition. 

If your computer or Internet browser malfunctions, for whatever reason, rest assured that our server maintains a real-time electronic record of your activity. Should any questions arise as to the partial or full completion of a course, those records can be accessed by SoundIntuition.
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Complaint Policy for Online Courses
Please express any concerns to us by e-mail at  SoundIntuition staff investigates every expression of customer dissatisfaction that we receive. 

SoundIntuition is committed to the very best customer experience possible with our online products and data from customer feedback is used to update the knowledge base content of our Website ensuring that, to the best of our ability, issues are mitigated and are not repeated. 
Cancellation Policy for Online Courses
If an Online Course is cancelled by SoundIntuition, a full refund will be returned to the participant using the same method of the original payment.   Refunds for Online Courses will be provided so long as you have not started the course.


Karen MacIver-Lux & Dave Sindrey

KML-Audiologist and LSLS Cert. AVT; DS- Audiologist, Speech-Language Pathologist and LSLS Cert. AVT.

Karen MacIver-Lux is an audiologists and LSLS Cert. AVT in private practice in Toronto, Canada. Dave Sindrey is a speech-language pathologist, audiologist and LSLS Cert. AVT in London, Canada.

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