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Level 1 Certification in Auditory Skills Training (AST) Training Program: Instructional Portion LIVE STREAMING ONLY (April 22, 23, & 24, 2020)

The Level 1 AST Certification Training Program will introduce the professional to Auditory Skills Training (AST).

$650.00 PER COURSE


ASHA/2.4, Professional, Intermediate

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24 hrs

A pass rate of 80% will be required during the online test/quiz to earn continuing credit.

Course Description
The Level 1 AST Certification Training Program: Instructional Portion will introduce the professional to Auditory Skills Training (AST), a form of client/family-centered aural rehabilitation for older children, teenagers and adults with hearing loss who are using newly acquired cochlear implant(s).


NOTE: The course is $650.00 US DOLLARS.

Upon successful completion of this course, the learner will demonstrate confidence in setting goals, administering formal and informal assessments, and providing diagnostic family-centered intervention that is guided by the Principles of AST. This course is the first portion of the 3-step Level 1 Certification in Auditory Skills Training Program. Following successful completion of all portions, the learner will receive Certification in Level 1 AST.

The three parts to the Level 1 Certification in Auditory Skills Training (AST) Training Program are:

1) INSTRUCTIONAL PORTION of Level 1 AST Certification Training Program to take place in Toronto, Canada (includes 20 question instructional online exam to be taken within 3 weeks following completion of the Instructional Portion (3-day course) to assess achievement of learner outcomes for instructional portion of course only. Participants in the Live Stream Level 1 Certification in AST Course will be expected to fully participate in the course by answering questions posed and engaging in discussion via Zoom. A moderator will be monitoring and providing support during the duration of the 3-day course.

2) MENTORING PORTION of Level 1 AST Certification Training Program to take place via Teleconference; a total of 3 one-day mentoring workshops where participants will present and show 10-minute video clips of their AST sessions for observation, analysis, and group discussion. The teleconference mentoring sessions will take place in December 2019; April 2020 and August 2020. The mentoring portion of the course must be purchased separately (see further down the page to view a full description of the mentoring portion of the Level 1 Certification in AST Training Program).

3)  LEVEL 1 CERTIFICATION IN AST ONLINE EXAM will take place online in July of 2020  and is mandatory for the attainment of Level 1 Certification in AST. This comprehensive exam must be purchased separately. The online exam portion will contain 75 questions to assess the participant's level of knowledge, skills set and comfort with Level 1 AST (see further down the page to view a full description of the Level 1 Certification in AST Online Exam).

In order to receive Level 1 Certification in AST, successful completion of all three portions of the Level 1 Certification in AST Program is mandatory.


Following this course, the learner will be able to:



Following the instructional portion of this training program, the learner will be eligible to begin the LEVEL 1 AST Mentoring Process. The Level 1 AST Mentoring Process is designed to provide guidance to the new practitioner in the selection and writing of goals; selection and execution of activities; selection, execution, and management of strategies and conditions that facilitate listening skils development; and the charting of an AST session. The mentoring process requires all workshop participants seeking Level 1 AST Certification to successfully complete ALL three days of mentoring; the first of which to take place in May of 2020; the second to take place in September 2020; and the third to take place in January 2021. The Mentoring process will take place through teleconference (Zoom), and participation is mandatory. Each learner will provide a 10-minute clip of their AST session and the course instructor will provide feedback and guidance, and discussion with other course participants will take place (group mentoring). These mentoring sessions are to provide consistent guidance, consultation services and support for new AST practitioner. Following the completion of all mentoring sessions, the participant will be eligible to take an online exam for Level 1 AST Certification. Level One Mentoring Teleconference sessions must be purchased separately.


Following successful completion of the Instructional Portion of the Level 1 Certification in AST Training Program, the participant will take an online exam (75 questions) to assess the achievement of learner outcomes during the 3 days of learning.  The exam will consist of questions pertaining to the instructional portion to ensure achievement of learner outcomes and increased comfort with AST practice. The learner will need to demonstrate 80% pass rate to be eligible to receive the 24 hours of CEUs.  The learner will have three weeks (and 3 attempts) to pass the exam following completion of the course. 



What's the fee Schedule for Level 1 Certification in AST Training Program?

1. Instructional Portion of Level 1 Certification in AST (in Toronto)= $650.00 USD

2. Mentoring Portion of Level 1 Certification in AST Training Program= $75.00 USD

3. Online Exam Portion of Level 1 Certification in AST= $50.00 USD


How long will it take to complete all requirements for the Level 1 Certification in AST?

Although the majority of the training is provided over the three days, it will take one year for the participant to fully complete the requirements for Level 1 Certification in AST. Level 1 Certification in AST will not only provide the clinician with the requisite skills to provide the basics of Auditory Skills Training to individuals with cochlear implant(s) and their families but also confidence in the management of conditions and strategies that will facilitate the development of listening skills and optimal CI auditory outcomes. 

What is your refund policy?

No refunds will be offered once the participant begins the course. Partial refunds (minus $75.00 administration fee) for the Level One Certification in AST Training Program: Instructional Portion will be offered if the participant cancels registration 15 days prior to the start of course.

Who can take the Level 1 AST Certification Training Program?

The Level 1 AST Certification Training Program is only open to Audiologists, Speech-Language Pathologists, and Educators of the Deaf and those professionals who are LSLS Certified in Auditory-Verbal Therapy/Education; these professionals have the pre-requisite knowledge to learn and apply AST in the manner it is intended to be used. 

How many levels of certification are there for AST? 

There are three levels of certification for Auditory Skills Training:
Level One Certification in AST demonstrates that the clinician has received introductory level training and mentoring in Auditory Skills Training.
Level Two Certification in AST demonstrates that the clinician has received intermediate level training and mentoring in Auditory Skills Training. The clinician is able to manage complex cases with CIs with ease and will manage clients with other implantable technologies such as middle ear implants and auditory brainstem implants. 
Level Three Certification in AST demonstrates that the clinician has received advanced level training and mentoring in Auditory Skills Training. Those with Level Three Certification can provide instructional support and mentoring services in AST training programs.

The clinician is encouraged to successfully complete and pass ALL three certification levels to fully understand Auditory Skills Training and the strategies, techniques and collaborative family-centered care as it applies to CI users. Practitioners have the choice to choose the level of AST Training and Certification they wish to achieve.

How do I maintain certification in AST?

To maintain Level 1 AST Certification, the following conditions must be met:
1.    Twelve hours of continuing education in AST must be obtained over a 12- month period. Proof of continuing education must be provided in September of every year and can be completed online.
2.    Payment of an annual membership fee.
3.    Adherence to the Principles of AST and the Code of Professional and Ethical Conduct.

Who is the certifying body/organization for AST?

SoundIntution is the certifying body/organization for all levels of AST Certification.

Who else offers training in AST?

Training at this time is offered exclusively by SoundIntuition.

Who are the course instructors?

A number of course instructors will be presenting on their area of expertise in the field of adult rehabilitation. The primary course instructors, however, are Karen MacIver-Lux and Amy Ng.


Primary Course Instructors' Biographies

Karen MacIver-Lux, MA, Aud(C), Reg. CASLPO, LSLS Cert. AVT, is the President and CE Administrator of SoundIntuition. She oversees the development of online courses, learning experiences, and products for professionals and families who dedicate their lives to helping individuals with communication disorders reach their highest listening and communication potential. Karen has held the position of Lecturer in the School of Human Communication Disorders and has lectured at numerous universities across Canada and the United States. Karen is also the Director of MacIver-Lux Auditory Learning Services and provides auditory learning services for individuals with hearing loss of all ages and their families. From 1997-2007, Karen worked as an auditory-verbal therapist and coordinator of clinical services at the Learning to Listen Foundation (LTLF), North York General Hospital in Toronto.  In addition, she worked as a clinical audiologist for several years.  She also served as a director of the board of Auditory-Verbal International, Inc.

Amy Ng, M.Sc., Reg CASLPO, is an audiologist and aural rehabilitationist at the CI Program of Sunnybrook Health Sciences Program. Amy has been working as a cochlear implant audiologist for over 20 years. The cochlear implant program at Sunnybrook is the largest such program for adults in Canada and amongst the largest in North America. As the designated coordinating site for the province of Ontario, the Ontario Cochlear Implant Program (OCIP) has the mandate of establishing quality metrics and deliverables in the provisional of care in this area. The program is affiliated with the University of Toronto and partnered, through the university, with the pediatric cochlear implant program at the Hospital for Sick Children. The cochlear implant program at Sunnybrook is currently the only site for auditory brainstem implant surgery in English Canada. Since 1984, our program activities have held many first-in-class claims in Canada. Her clinical interests are in speech perception and aural rehabilitation following cochlear implantation in adults. Amy has co-authored a number of publications for research journals in the area of cochlear implantation in adults and has been instrumental in the development of rehabilitation apps for adults with CIs.

Refund Policy for Online Courses
Purchase of any SoundIntuition product (Quick Courses, Read ‘n’ Play Listen ‘n’ Talk, Observation Opportunities, Theory in Motion and Communication Change Documentaries) grants you immediate access to the course and therefore we cannot offer a refund once a user has started a course, unless the course is cancelled by SoundIntuition. 

If your computer or Internet browser malfunctions, for whatever reason, rest assured that our server maintains a real-time electronic record of your activity. Should any questions arise as to the partial or full completion of a course, those records can be accessed by SoundIntuition.
If you feel the online functionality has malfunctioned should immediately contact SoundIntuition by emailing
Complaint Policy for Online Courses
Please express any concerns to us by e-mail at  SoundIntuition staff investigates every expression of customer dissatisfaction that we receive. 

SoundIntuition is committed to the very best customer experience possible with our online products and data from customer feedback is used to update the knowledge base content of our Website ensuring that, to the best of our ability, issues are mitigated and are not repeated. 
Cancellation Policy for Online Courses
If an Online Course is cancelled by SoundIntuition, a full refund will be returned to the participant using the same method of the original payment.   Refunds for Online Courses will be provided so long as you have not started the course.


Karen MacIver-Lux (KML) & Amy Ng (AN)

KML- AST Practitioner; AN- CI Audiologist

Karen MacIver-Lux provides AST in Toronto. Amy is an audiologist in the CI Program at Sunnybrook Medical Health Sciences Center.

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