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sound practice in action

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Science To Practice

Instructors share the science, research and/or technology that shape evidence-informed practice. Video clips that show portions of assessments or interventions are then shown with Guided Learning Multiple Choice Questions that highlight procedures, strategies, and conditions that promote positive outcomes.

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Quick Courses, Quick Confidence

Instructors heighten awareness of an aspect of practice by sharing current research and innovative ideas that have the power to optimize listening and spoken communication outcomes in 30-minute courses.

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International Practice In Action

Observe evidence-informed practice as demonstrated by clinicians around the world. The patient's history and short-term goals along with successive 2-3 minute video clips of 60-minute sessions are accompanied by Guided Learning Multiple Choice Questions that highlight significant features of practice.

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SI Training

Smart Session Targets With Fun

Practitioners share short-term goals and creative ideas of how skills in areas of audition, speech, language, cognition, communication, literacy, Theory of Mind, and social emotional wellness can be promoted with a featured book or toy in 30-minute courses.

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Real Life Learning

Join individuals with communication disorders and their families around the world as they embark on their journey of communication change. Learners will see how advanced technology, science, evidenced-informed/based practice, compassionate care, and hope can change lives.

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