Stephen Owen

Stephen OwenSTEPHEN OWEN, Operations Manager, SoundIntuition

Stephen’s many years in the marketing industry has given him a solid understanding of the extreme value of a company’s brand; not just as far as what consumers see in its logo, branding and advertising, but more importantly, how it can craft its customers’ perception of its products or service.

Stephen’s business acumen has been honed through years of working with a multiplicity of businesses, including start-ups, through intimate involvement in his local Chamber of Commerce in advocacy for other businesses municipally, provincially and federally. His diplomacy and team-building/relationship-building efforts have garnered him the acknowledgement and recognition of peers and colleagues in every capacity in which he has worked.

Understanding the need for proactive re-examination of generally accepted every-day business practices, Stephen sets out to explore alternative ways of achieving goals using his mantra: “Do differently.”

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