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Audiologists provide their perspective on the challenges and joys of helping children and adults with hearing challenges, and raising the bar for professional practice.


DR. MARSHALL CHASIN, AuD, M.Sc., Reg. CASLPO, Aud(C) is an Audiologist and the Director of Auditory Research at the Musicians’ Clinics of Canada in Toronto, Ontario.

He is also the Co-ordinator of Research at the Canadian Hearing Society, Director of Research at ListenUp Canada, Adjunct Professor at the University of Toronto (in Linguistics) and an Associate Professor at the University of Western Ontario (School of Communication Sciences & Disorders). 

Marshall has been involved with hearing and hearing aid assessment since 1981 and is the author of over 200 clinically based articles.

He has lectured extensively, and is frequently on TV and radio (he’s the good looking balding guy sometimes on Much Music).

Marshall is the author of several books, including “Musicians and the Prevention of Hearing Loss” (1996), the “CIC Handbook” (1998) and “Noise Control- a primer” (1999) (all through Singular Publishing Group.) Marshall also wrote “Hear the Music” (2001, 2006). He is currently editing a new book on Hearing Loss in Musicians.

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