Melanie Ribich

BLOG: Mom’s the Word

A mother provides her perspective on the challenges and joys of raising a child with hearing loss, and her journey in helping him learn to listen and talk using the Auditory-Verbal Approach.

MelanieMELANIE RIBICH, M.S., B.S., is the mother of a nine year old daughter and six year old twin boys, one of whom has a bilateral profound sensorineural hearing loss. Melanie earned her Secondary Education and her M.S. in Curriculum and Instruction.

After fourteen years of teaching high school Spanish, Melanie chose to focus solely on raising her children and learning as much as she can about hearing loss and helping her son to learn to listen and talk with his bilateral cochlear implants.

It’s been three years since her son graduated from Auditory-Verbal Therapy, and he attends the neighborhood school with his brother and sister.

Melanie is a member of AG Bell, enjoys connecting with other parents, volunteering at her children’s school, and practicing yoga.

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