Mikaeel Valli

BLOG: I’m all ears

Graduates of the Warren Estabrooks’ Learning to Listen Listen share their experiences in a series of motivational blog posts. 


Mikaeel’s ability to listen and use spoken communication effectively diverts attention of the listener speculating “if Mikaeel can hear and talk because he wears a cochlear implant” to that of pure appreciation for the topics he talks animatedly about.  Mikaeel is actively pursuing his passion in the health field by working on his undergraduate degree in Psychology at York University in Toronto, Canada. Mikaeel would consider his undergraduate years his golden years.  He had the opportunity to meet many amazing students and professors with similar interests, to learn new things in his passion, and to flourish within the maturity of the academic environment. There is one particular aspect, however, that truly makes his university years golden and this is his role as a research student serving and being surrounded by a sea of MD and PhD researchers. He attained his first authorship in a medical clinical journal at the tender age of 20, and has already begun efforts to contribute to many more publications.  His dream is to become a neuro-surgeon.

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