About Us

The story behind SoundIntuition’s logo:

Upon being fitted with her first pair of hearing aids at age four, SoundIntuition’s founder, Karen MacIver-Lux, started to experience the world of sound as if it were a blossoming evolution of colours which led to improved clarity and listening and spoken communication competence. From her experience as a person with moderate-profound hearing loss, and later as a practising audiologist and auditory-verbal therapist, she has coined the phrase, “turning a grey world of silence into a colourful world of sound” to define her life’s mission.

SoundIntuition logoWhen we set out to design a logo that would define us, it was of paramount importance that through it, we tell the story behind our mission in the hope that our branding resonates with our audience.

Grey opaque overlapping rings depict the mixture of both the loss and/or distortion of hearing and how it can result in varying degrees of speech recognition/understanding and spoken communication skills. These rings also depict speech and language delays and/or disorders and how they result in varying degrees of speech clarity, and receptive and expressive language skills. The super-imposition of the rings illustrate the challenges that can come with having a communication disorder.

The pinwheel introduces an intentional splash of playful colour and stands in vibrant contrast to the grey confusion surrounding it. In depicting the full colour spectrum it provides a graphic portrayal of our mission to “turn a grey world of silence into a colourful world of sound”. As listening and communication skills improve, the world becomes a more colourful and comfortable place to be.

SoundIntuition promotes early intervention and best practices, and the pinwheel’s dominance within the space indicates our objective of being proactive so outcomes are maximized.

By providing high quality online learning opportunities, we at SoundIntuition, will engage our audience in sound practice.

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